Why Your Company Needs a vCISO

Why Your Company Needs a vCISO

Companies need security expertise and leadership now more than ever before. Cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication and frequency, and every type of company is a target. This threat escalation, combined with a growing cybersecurity skills gap is making many organizations vulnerable to breaches. 

Outsourcing information security is a way to solve these problems. 

Turning to a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) offered by a managed service provider (MSP) gives your company the guidance you need to develop a security strategy and build the right security architecture to bring it to life.  

CISO vs vCISO: What’s the Difference? 

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the person or team in charge of information and data security at a company. The CISO leads the data security program, developing the cybersecurity strategies and architectures that protect the company from cyberattacks. 

A virtual CISO or vCISO is a person or organization to which a business outsources its information security leadership responsibilities. Companies can partner with a vCISO on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on their needs. The vCISO can evaluate your company’s security posture and make recommendations for improvements. 

Like the CISO, a vCISO spearheads the development of security strategy and security infrastructure initiatives, serving as a first line of defense against virtual attacks on your company. 

The vCISO Perspective 

Working with a vCISO has many advantages over hiring a CISO for your company. Because vCISOs come from outside your organization, they provide a fresh perspective on your organization’s approach to security. The vCISO can assess your security posture, uncover vulnerabilities, and recommend new strategies for eliminating risk. 

By objectively looking at company security policies and procedures, the vCISO can suggest improvements that prevent your company from falling into the rut of doing things the way they have always been done. 

The vCISO may also uncover overlooked potential and skills gaps in your current IT team. With an outside perspective, the vCISO can identify the talents of team members and make recommendations about moving them to positions that would better suit their talents.  

If vCISOs uncover room for improvement, they can suggest trainings and paths to certifications that would strengthen your inside resources. 

Cost-Effective Expertise 

Hiring a CISO can be expensive. CISOs command high salaries, especially in a market that is running short on people with cybersecurity expertise. 

By working with a vCISO, your company can take advantage of specialized information security know-how and experience without needing to pay the salary of a full-time employee in a leadership position. vCISOs are experts in their field who are sought out because of their knowledge. 

vCISOs have a proven track record of helping all types of companies to meet security challenges. Most likely, a vCISO will have encountered and solved any security problem your company might face. Based on experience, the vCISO will know what direction to go in to protect your IT environment in the context of the risk landscape. 

vCISO: A Team Player 

Some companies are hesitant to work with vCISOs because they don’t want an outsider leading their IT team. vCISOs are separate from the team but part of the team. The vCISO is there to augment your internal team by guiding staff members to be the best they can be. 

Secure Data Technologies supplies vCISOs for all types of companies. As an MSP and value-added reseller, we can help your company leverage information security leadership and knowledge to strengthen your security posture. We provide expertise in key areas of information security, including network security, antivirus, monitoring, and secure communications. 

Find out more about how to take a vCISO on board. Reach out to Secure Data Technologies today. 

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