Customer Success Story: Medical Provider Improves Patient Experience

A prominent medical service provider in the Midwest faced significant IT challenges that jeopardized its operations and posed risks to patient data security and overall organizational performance. Operating from multiple locations, with dozens of users relying on its network infrastructure, they experienced growing dissatisfaction with their local Managed Service Provider (MSP). Seeking a robust solution, they turned to Secure Data Technologies for expertise in transforming their IT infrastructure.


The medical service organization experienced inefficient IT support from their existing Managed Service Provider (MSP), marked by delayed responses and ineffective follow-ups on IT issues. This resulted in prolonged downtimes and growing user frustration. Their network infrastructure, including switches, access points, and firewalls, was outdated, leading to vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. Remote users frequently faced connectivity problems, with attempts to connect to the main network often blocking other remote users, thereby disrupting collaboration and productivity. The outdated infrastructure and lack of network visibility significantly increased the risk of security breaches, posing a serious threat to sensitive data. To address these challenges the Provider engaged with Secure Data to implement a comprehensive IT solution comprising several key components:

Network Infrastructure Upgrade: A complete overhaul of the network infrastructure was conducted, replacing outdated equipment with new, state-of-the-art hardware. This upgrade improved network reliability, security, and connectivity for all users.

Manage IT Services: Secure Data Technologies provided a comprehensive suite of IT services, including SecureNOC (Network Management), SecureDesk (Help Desk), SecureBackup (Data Backup), and Secure365 (Office 365 Backup). These services offered responsive support, proactive maintenance, and continuous monitoring to optimize IT performance.

Enhanced IT Visibility: Infrastructure monitoring was implemented to provide the organization with real-time visibility into their IT environment, allowing them to make better-educated business decisions.

Business Outcomes

Improved Support: Engaging with Secure Data Technologies led to a substantial improvement in IT support response times and the effectiveness of follow-up resolutions. By implementing a comprehensive suite of managed IT services, the organization experienced a marked reduction in downtime. This was achieved through faster identification and resolution of IT issues, proactive maintenance, and continuous monitoring. This enhanced the overall user experience, as staff could focus more on their core responsibilities without the constant disruption of IT-related problems.

Modernized Network: The upgraded network infrastructure, featuring advanced switches, access points, and firewalls, enhanced connectivity and security. This allowed multiple remote users to connect seamlessly, ensuring reliable access to critical applications and data. The improvements facilitated smoother video conferencing, data sharing, and real-time collaboration, thereby boosting productivity and enabling better patient care.

Enhanced Security: The organization’s cybersecurity posture was strengthened, protecting sensitive data from potential breaches. Adding SecureBackup provided modern data protection to secure patient information and the ability to recover and restore their data in the event of a disaster.

Optimized Business Performance: The IT improvements significantly increased productivity and reduced technology-related disruptions. Enhanced connectivity and faster issue resolution allowed staff to focus on core tasks without frequent interruptions. Improved collaboration and reliable access to applications boosted efficiency across all departments, resulting in more streamlined workflows and higher-quality service delivery.

The organization evaluated several IT providers before making their decision. Although other providers offered less expensive quotes, their lack of innovation and attention to detail left the organization unconvinced of their capability to meet their needs. Secure Data Technologies demonstrated a thorough understanding of the organization’s requirements. We were thorough, experienced, equipped, and expert in our approach, understanding their needs and leveraging our expertise to drive value. This resulted in a world-class solution that delivered cost savings and improved performance.

The organization successfully transformed its IT infrastructure, overcoming significant challenges and achieving extensive improvements in security, connectivity, and operational efficiencies. This case demonstrates the importance of selecting a capable service provider to address complex technology needs and support critical healthcare operations.

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