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IT organizations increasingly and consistently have to deal with effectively scaling their networks beyond their traditional capabilities. Application/WAN acceleration comes into the picture to provide high performance remote data access, minimize bandwidth consumption, and alleviate latency increases.


Large collections of data can sometimes scale at a faster pace than traditional data processing can handle. Big data intends to work on parallel software running on tens of hundreds of compute nodes to process large amounts of data. Big data intends to uncover valuable and normally hidden information from data sets that would otherwise be concealed.


Cloud management tools are designed to optimize cloud resource allocation. With a Cloud Management platform you can get granular control of your IT systems, database and application inventory, usage statistics, access policy, and more; fundamentally lowering costs and gaining visibility and control of cloud deployments.


Hosted desktop virtualization is common as datacenters begin to scale up and out more effortlessly. Desktop virtualization puts security front and center as it has since its inception. Along with security, VDI within a datacenter inherently provides all the benefits of the security of the datacenter. The mobility of VDI allows users to instantly work from any location, use their device of choice, and use their software of choice. Rapid deployment, maintenance, and monitoring are also main drivers of VDI.


Infrastructure virtualization is the basis for the transformation of the data center into a service-oriented infrastructure and a key enabler for automation and lights-out operations. By virtualizing data center infrastructure and decoupling applications and data from the physical resources they run on, IT can deliver and maintain data center services more efficiently, resiliently, and dynamically.


Backup is the routine copying of data to ensure its protection in the event of data loss through accidental deletion, equipment failure, or some other mishap. As more and more data is created and stored for longer periods of time, backup costs and the “backup window” (the time allocated to complete a backup operation) can increase to unmanageable levels. The goal of a Backup and Restore solution is to enable you to strengthen your data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and meet a wide range of service levels, even for the largest data volumes.


Business continuity includes strategy, planning and tactics to ensure that an organization’s mission critical business functions will either continue to operate despite serious incidents / disasters that might otherwise have interrupted them, or will be recovered to an operational state within a reasonably short period. Key elements include: resiliency, recovery and contingency.


As enterprise computing systems increase in scale, they also increase in complexity. And as complexity increases, so does the expense of deployment and ongoing management. A business can address these growing challenges by streamlining data center compute resources, scaling service delivery, and radically reducing the number of devices that require setup, management, power/cooling, and cabling.


In an almost natural evolution of data center systems, hyperconverged solutions have grown to provide compute and storage into a single box. Its scale-out capabilities show benefits such as lower costs, predictable scalability, centralized management, and a smaller footprint.


There has been explosive growth of multiple SAN technologies in recent years, and for good reason. Hybrid and All Flash SANs are finding themselves at the forefront of the growth. These SAN’s hardware and software are built from the ground up to overcome traditional SAN technology shortfalls. Hybrid and All Flash SANs are built with flexible scaling of performance and capacity, ease of use, smooth scalability, and incorporated data protections in mind.


  • Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)
    With Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services, you consolidate multiple security layers in a single platform, eliminating the cost of buying and managing multiple solutions, while holistically protecting your network from malicious activity. By integrating an entire suite of security functions from application visibility and control to a Next-Gen IPS and Next-Gen Firewalls, to even Policy and Access and Security management Cisco ASA offers most powerful security appliance on the market.
  • Intercloud Fabric
    Build highly secure hybrid clouds and extend your existing data center to public clouds as needed, on demand, and with consistent network and security policies. With Cisco Intercloud Fabric, you can do all this and more.
  • MDS Switches
    Cisco MDS multilayer SAN switches combine a robust, flexible hardware architecture with multiple layers of network and storage-management intelligence. With them, you can build highly available, scalable storage networks with advanced security and unified management.
  • Network Analysis Module (NAM)
    Virtualization and cloud create exciting business transformation opportunities, innovative service delivery models, and improved economics. To maintain effective service delivery in this dynamic environment, Cisco Prime™ Network Analysis Module (NAM) empowers network administrators with multifaceted visibility to help optimize network resources, troubleshoot performance issues, and deliver a consistent end user experience.
  • Nexus Switch
    Cisco Nexus Switches make it easier to connect and manage disparate data center resources with software-defined networking (SDN). By unifying storage, data and networking services, the Nexus Switches create an open, programmable network foundation built to support a virtualized data center environment.
  • Unified Computing System (UCS)
    From blade to rack servers, fabric interconnects and extenders, power infrastructures, adapters and management software, Cisco UCS servers simplify your data center architecture, reduce the number of devices to purchase, deploy, and maintain, and improve speed and agility.
  • Unified Computing System (UCS) Director
    With Cisco UCS Director you can amplify data center efficiency by substituting manual tasks with automation. By decreasing data center complexity and ensuring consistent service delivery, you can free your data center staff to focus on contemporary services that set your business apart.
  • Virtual Security Gateway (VSG)
    Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) for Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches is effectively a firewall built for the hypervisor, to protect against malicious VM traffic, ensure compliance, enforce access policy to the virtual data center and cloud computing environments.
  • Disk Backup Appliance
    The ExaGrid Backup Appliance is a backup storage solution with data deduplication, that works with almost all backup software available. By using a Landing zone of the uncompressed version of the most recent backup, and a second layer of older deduplicated backups, ExaGrid minimizes the amount of data stored and the amount of bandwidth for replication for the shortest fixed backup window. As such, the ExaGrid Backup Appliance boasts the fastest local restores, fastest offsite tape copies, and instant VM recoveries, all with reduced cost up front and over time.
  • All-Flash Storage Arrays
    If you have needs for real-time analytics, OLTP, databases and low latency is your biggest need, All-Flash Storage arrays may be your best choice.  Western Digital All-Flash Storage Arrays feature high density enterprise flash solid state drives designed to support mission critical applications that require extremely high performance at low latency for extended periods of time.
  • Hybrid Storage Arrays
    If you have needs for general purpose storage, server virtualization, VDI and you are looking to balance performance, capacity, & cost, a hybrid storage array may be your best choice. Western Digital Hybrid Flash Storage Arrays deliver a perfect balance of data management, performance and economics by providing a flexible amount of high density flash solid state drives and metadata accelerated high density hard disk storage.
  • IntelliFlash Storage Management
    IntelliFlash software architecture is a fast, flexible operating environment, designed to leverage different grades of storage media—hard disk, high-performance flash, high-density flash, etc.—in a single storage array. In doing so, IntelliFlash actively utilizes media optimization, metadata acceleration, data services and management protocols to deliver optimal performance (speed and latency) with the best possible economics
  • IntelliFlash HD
    IntelliFlash HD combines Western Digital’s IntelliFlash operating platform with the world’s highest density flash to deliver unprecedented levels of performance, data consolidation, simplicity, and economics your organization needs to run an all-flash data center.
  • IntelliCare Cloud Analytics
    IntelliCare Cloud Analytics is a tool that helps you monitor the health, performance and usage of your storage arrays in an effort to maximize uptime and efficiency by collecting millions of data points including usage, configurations and system health and performance.
  • IntelliCare Lifetime Storage
    IntelliCare Lifetime Storage refreshes the entire array — controllers, HBAs, NICs, enclosures, and all storage media — as part of your maintenance contract. This ensures your storage is always using the best combination of technology throughout the system. And throughout the service life of your array, you’re free to add more capacity, connectivity, new software features, so you are always ahead of the flash technology curve.

Secure Data Technologies is proud to be a Western Digital partner for St Louis and surrounding areas.

  • Availability Suite 9.5
    Veeam Availability Suite combines the industry-leading backup, restore and replication capabilities of Veeam Backup & Replication with the advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning functionality of Veeam ONE. Recover any applications and data from your primary or backup storage or your virtual environments within seconds and minutes. Implement data loss avoidance, verified recoverability and complete visibility to ensure data integrity standards, and protect your data.
  • Backup & Replication
    Veeam Backup & Replication is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup and Availability solution. It provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data, bringing VM (virtual machine) backup and replication together in a single software solution.
  • Veeam One
    Veeam One Monitor, Reporter and Business Review give you or your service provider complete and granular visibility into each component of your Veeam backup and recovery infrastructure. From a single unified dashboard, you and your team get access to 24/7 real-time monitoring and alerting, resource optimization and configuration tracking, capacity planning and forecasting and the management capabilities to fine tune both your backup and virtual environments to enable Availability for the Always-On Enterprise.
  • Cloud Foundation
    Cloud Foundation a new unified SDDC platform, simplifies how IT stands up and maintains private and hybrid clouds while making them easier for developers to use.
  • Horizon
    Simply and securely deliver virtual or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform with VMware Horizon across virtual data centers, virtual machines and physical devices. Provide end users access to all of their virtual desktops, applications and online services through a single digital workspace in a few simple clicks.
  • Integrated OpenStack
    Foster developer innovation by deploying and managing production-grade OpenStack quickly and easily on top of your VMware infrastructure. Leverage vendor-neutral APIs to get more out of your Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).
  • Site Recovery Manager Disaster Recovery Software
    Industry-leading disaster recovery software which delivers fast and reliable it disaster recovery, uses simple policy-based management and provides zero-downtime application mobility.
  • vSAN
    vSAN uses a hyper-converged storage architecture for compute and storage resources, delivered through a common virtualized platform through hybrid or flash architectures and managed in a radically simple web dashboard.
  • vSphere
    Simplify and automate your data center with consistent management, intelligent operations, and built-in automation with vSphere, the industry-leading server virtualization platform, and the ideal foundation for any cloud environment.
  • Virtual Replication
    Zerto Virtual Replication is the industry’s first hypervisor-based replication solution, purpose-built for virtual environments. As a software only, cloud-based Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) offering; Zerto Virtual Replication allows replication of both data and VMs within your datacenter, to a secondary datacenter and to Microsoft Azure, AWS or 300 different Zerto Cloud Service Providers, all with only seconds of data loss and any point in time automated recovery.
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We’re ready to get to work for your team as your trusted IT service provider.

Work with Secure Data

We’re ready to get to work for your team as your trusted IT service provider.

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