Dive into a Hands-on Lab Experience

with Veeam

Nowadays, an emergency occurring in your organization is only a matter of time. This is even more true as cyber threats such as ransomware continue to increase. Whatever the emergency, your disaster recovery plan must be fully documented and tested.

Join us and Veeam for a guided hands-on lab experience at our Chesterfield location on August 21st at 8:30 AM. These Veeam guided technical labs will allow you to test drive Veeam technologies using a simple web browser on any device.

Lab Option One: Ransomware Simulation & Recovery with Veeam Backup & Replication will help you learn how to restore an infected environment back to normal operations. 

Lab Option Two: You will learn about all the different components of Veeam One, including how to work with dashboards, Veeam One alerting options and monitoring Veeam Back up for Microsoft 365.

Dive into a Hands-on Lab Experience with Veeam