Network Solutions

Most network solutions don’t have a check engine light – ours do. Our Secure Network Operations Center (SecureNOC) anticipates threats and solves problems before they can impact your business.

Application/WAN Acceleration

Improved application performance and response time while overcoming challenges such as WAN latency, packet loss, bandwidth congestion, “chatty” protocols, differences in TCP/IP stack implementations, and the lack of content distinction in web applications.

Core (10GB & 40GB)

Our core, or backbone, solutions are designed to open streamline the exchange of information between sub-networks and provide aggregation, authentication, call control / switching, and gateway services to meet your specific business needs.

Hybrid WAN

Connect several disparate locations, such as branch offices, through a wide area network for cheaper yet increased Internet bandwidth and continued protection of your precious data with a custom Hybrid WAN solution. 


Increase connectivity for your organization with a custom routing solution that leverages the fastest, most secure paths in your network while optimizing weaker links.

Software Defined WAN

Have a custom solution designed to take your Hybrid WAN to the next level with virtualized applications on a centralized, automated network for a more efficient and easily managed network, increased security and performance, and reduced costs.


Facilitate and secure access to data and services across your network with a fast, hardware-based solution designed to your business needs and infrastructure specs.

WAN Optimization

Increase data-transfer efficiencies across wide-area networks with a tailored solution of WAN Optimization techniques including de-duplication, compression, latency optimization, caching / proxy, forward error correction, protocol spoofing, traffic shaping and more


Trust your most crucial components of your businesses operations to the breadth and depth of Secure Data Technologies’ experience. Our network experts have designed thousands of wireless solutions to meet each client’s unique  coverage range, performance, and manageability needs.

Our White Glove Process





Execution is Everything



We have been a very happy customer of Secure Data Technologies since its inception because they consistently provide the best services that I have experienced from any vendor in my 30 years of experience. They make a high-energy, personable team who really care about their partners. Secure Data Technologies is always ready to answer any questions, provide any services, from sales to consulting to monitoring to staff augmentation, and get the right people focused to leap any hurdle.