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We are a team of expert engineers and specialists with a common goal, and the fastest growing infrastructure technology services provider in the Midwest.

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We are your IT allies.

It’s all in the name. We bring decades of experience and specialized expertise to keep your data secure and help you meet the ever increasing demands of IT. You can count on Secure Data Technologies for custom solutions and fearless technological stewardship to enable business transformation.

We are not your average IT solutions provider.

We love what we do because tech is part of who we are, but we’re not just geeks behind a screen. We know great relationships make great business and having fun is part of working well. Get the personal touch of a local business partner with the knowledge and expertise of a global enterprise with Secure Data.

More Possibilities Through Partnership

Our consistent growth comes from over a decade of focus on expanding relationships locally and regionally in the Midwest in order to engage and support our global business partnerships. Secure Data Technologies understands the power of collaboration for continuous industry-wide growth and innovation.

We ensure mutual benefit in our partnerships by earning and maintaining the highest levels of sales and technical certifications possible with each strategic technology partner.

We are Committed to the Environment 

Our responsibility to go paperless

Using motion detection lighting to reduce electricity waste

Encouraging the use of reusable cups in all of our offices

Recycling products

Supporting a hybrid work environment

Using Webex as our one-stop collaboration tool

We are proudly recognized in the top 1% club of the 25 best-of-breed manufacturers and we have access to another 3000. We bring customized IT solutions to work within your budget.


Since 2008, thousands of businesses across every industry have trusted our experience and considerate approach with infrastructure issues that we solve with consistency, dedication and the largest bench of engineers in the Midwest. We understand the immense costs and risks of technological challenges and we stop at nothing to find a solution custom fit to your strategy. There’s no challenge too big, and no need too niche.

Dana Steffey

Dana Steffey

CEO and President

Derek Herbison

Derek Herbison

Director of Finance

John Childers

John Childers

Director of IT

Scott Henricks

Scott Henricks

St. Louis Regional Sales Director