Why Your Company Needs Cloud Collaboration

Hybrid work has become a standard part of everyday life for many people. Companies are now having to consider the downsides and benefits of having a hybrid work life, which can be difficult if they have staff working full time at home, in the office, or doing hybrid work. One of the major downsides is finding an easy and cost-efficient way to let employees communicate wherever they are. 

Cloud collaboration could be the solution that many businesses are looking for. It allows employees to collaborate across platforms, reach customers across channels, and boost productivity. Plus, it offers an innovative, flexible, and collaborative calling solution that doesn’t take a lot of time or money to install, maintain, or train on. With 68% of employees finding the ability to work remotely and on-site as the preferred work model, cloud collaboration makes the daunting task of keeping communication effortless. 

While all of this sounds too good to be true, here is our list of why companies should switch from on-prem to cloud collaboration.

1. Flexibility

Employees can work wherever they need to and still communicate with their coworkers and customers with cloud collaboration. Colleagues can keep up to date on projects or processes from home, the office, or a hotel. Using shared applications or tools, your employees can also collaborate frictionlessly, letting your company stay as productive as possible. Not only that, but companies gain a solution that grows with them. Most cloud collaboration services offer a la carte options for businesses to pick from. No matter how fast you grow, cloud collaboration promises to keep up. 

2. Security

One of the main concerns for any business is data breaches. So, when you have employees working from so many different locations, how can you maintain the same level of security that you are used to in an in-office work approach? By using a standards-based, Zero-trust, secure end-to-end encryption for your calls, meetings, messages, and connections across devices, platforms, and networks! Cloud collaboration provides the same level of security regardless of the platform, keeping your data just as secure as if you were in the office. 

3. Resiliency

With employees in other locations, having a consistent, reliable phone service is a necessity but not always a guarantee. If employees are in a remote area with no cell service or the phone lines go down, having a  cloud collaboration solution means the difference between staying productive and going down. When unforeseen disruptions happen, your company can quickly adapt while maintaining operations and safeguarding people, assets, and resources. 

4. Cost

On-prem phone systems are expensive to set up and maintain, especially if they are outdated (as most already are). Trying to keep them working takes time, money, and resources that could be better spent on business applications. Not only that but when on-prem phone services reach end-of-life, companies are pushed back to square one of figuring out how to keep lines of communication open. Having a constantly maintained and updated service like cloud collaboration can remove that headache and save you money. 

Hybrid work is becoming more prevalent in our lives. Nearly 68% of high-growth organizations have adopted this hybrid work schedule and enjoyed an increase in performance by 22%. Not only that, but companies have been able to cut costs on travel expenses since employees can work literally anywhere. Migrating to a cloud collaboration solution requires no disruption to business operations or services, nor does it endorse costly training or constant maintenance. 

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