Customer Success: Jersey Community Hospital

Customer Success: Jersey Community Hospital


How an IT Upgrade can Touch Patients’ Lives

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To set the stage for health and healing, it’s essential to make a human connection. No one knows this better than the caregivers at Jersey Community Hospital in Jerseyville, Illinois. It’s a small community, and one in four people who walk in the door are someone they know. So they’re passionate about giving the best care possible.

Yet until recently, the hospital’s patchy IT network made connecting with patients and scheduling care challenging. Without a unified, cohesive network, exchanging data between the hospital and clinics was not an easy task. To keep patients satisfied—and properly cared for—a digital transformation was crucial.

First, the hospital needed a partner that understood its goals and relationship to the community. They found one in Secure Data Technologies, a local tech provider that knows the importance of a human touch.

Secure Data pointed the way to the best solution for the hospital’s needs—Cisco Meraki. A cloud-based platform, Meraki gives them a network that’s solid, reliable, and unified. It makes exchanging data easier and more fluid, while keeping patient information private and secure.

As a result, the hospital has the tools to provide better patient care than ever before. Their IT upgrade has opened the door to using telemedicine, which lets patients get virtual care from off-site specialists via live video when needed. And rather than reaching an automated phone system, callers talk to a human every time they dial the hospital.

In the end, keeping patients happy is all about connection, pure and simple.

Between good old-fashioned care and up-to-the-minute solutions, there’s a bridge.

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