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Antivirus, Antimalware – Endpoint protection software purpose is to prevent, detect, and remove malicious software (malware). Malware can include computer viruses, worms, adware, spyware, stealware, and trojan horses.


This is a tool used to detect attempted attacks or intrusions by crackers or automated attack tools, by identifying security breaches such as incoming shellcode, viruses, malware or trojan horses transmitted via computer system or network. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) actively blocks the same attacks and intrusion attempts based on a user-defined policy.


Our experts work to identify and assesses the exposed hosts, services and applications hosted within your organization’s available infrastructure. The targeted network infrastructure is extensively probed determining the existence of all responding devices and their associated services and vulnerabilities. Security risk analysis is then performed against these findings, creating a customized security profile of the available infrastructure.


Vulnerability scanning is designed to analyze computers, networks, or applications for weaknesses. The ultimate goal performing a vulnerability scan is to identify components within a network that are susceptible to known vulnerabilities. PEN Testing is designed to exploit vulnerabilities, which can lead to false positives in the reporting process. Our testing services can extend to full penetration testing where our experts, in cooperation with the Client’s IT staff, work to exploit vulnerabilities; thereby eliminating the possibility of a false positive.


Once vulnerabilities and threats have been discovered, we provide services to assist with remediation of the threats according to risk level.


Vulnerability scanning is designed to analyze computers, networks, or applications for weaknesses. The ultimate goal performing a vulnerability scan is to identify components within a network that are susceptible to known vulnerabilities.


These are software programs that screen incoming emails or web pages and determine if they should be delivered to the end user. Web and Email are the most common sources of breaches and proper filtering and protection


A firewall is a device or set of devices (hardware, software, or both) within a computer system or network, which is configured to block, unauthorized access while protecting authorized communication. Next Generation Firewalls are able to detect and block sophisticated attacks by enforcing security policies at the application level, as well as at the port and protocol level. NGFWs also protect against viruses and malware.


An approach to network and endpoint security that attempts to unify endpoint security technology, user or system authentication, and secure network enforcement. As a device connects to a network, it is extensively screened for profile information such as anti-virus software, protection level, system update level,  as well as device health and access credentials. The device is not permitted access to corporate resources until it complies with pre-determined standards and pre-defined policies. Once the device meets the defined standards it is granted access to the network. With profiling and posturing policies, devices and users only have access to data and applications they have rights to.


SIEM technology provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications. SIEM is sold as software, appliances or managed services, and are also used to log security data and generate reports for compliance purposes. SIEM is closely related to Log Management. However, as log management focuses on the collection and storage of data, SIEM focuses on a deeper level of data and event analysis. Such analysis may include attaching information such as host information and identity information. SIEM’s can also be integrated with external remediation, workflow, and ticketing components to assist in incident resolution.


  • Thunder SSLi
    As SSL encrypted traffic is growing, hackers are increasingly turning to it as a way to hide their attacks and avoid detection from traditional security devices. Thunder SSLi offers a way to safely decrypt and inspect encrypted traffic to mitigate malware and other malicious threats — all without affecting performance or scalability.
  • Thunder Threat Protection Systems (TPS)
    The Thunder TPS product line is a family of high-performance solutions that detect and mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge, functioning as a first line of defense for your network infrastructure.
  • Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW)
    Consolidate security and application networking, including SSL decryption, data center and GI/SGI firewalls, DDoS protection and CGNAT, into a single, high-performance solution that protects your network while drastically cutting your hardware and operating costs.
  • aGalaxy
    Unify device management and policy enforcement, gain application network visibility and detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in real time with the global monitoring and management platform of aGalaxy.
  • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
    Cisco AMP continuously monitors activity across your network and any number of unique endpoints such as desktops, tablets and smart phones. On each, AMP analyzes applications for potential weakness, while cross referencing each file or packet of data that enters against Cisco Talos, the largest threat detection network in the world. If a threat is found, it can either be quarantined, sandboxed, or the system can be restored to a time before the file even entered.
  • AnyConnect
    Empower your employees to work from anywhere, on company laptops or personal mobile devices, at any time. AnyConnect simplifies secure endpoint access and provides the security necessary to help keep your organization safe and protected.
  • Email Security
    Cisco Email Security offers high availability email protection against the constant, dynamic, rapidly changing threats affecting email today through a variety of technologies such as data loss prevention (DLP), email encryption, antivirus protection and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP).
  • Identity Services Engine (ISE)
    ISE is a single policy and access control point for the entire enterprise- wired, wireless, VLAN, all of it. By looking at specific device and user information such as time, location and system health, ISE can automatically decide which policy to apply to each device, to allocate the appropriate resources.
  • Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS)
    With an entire enterprise of desktops and devices operating on the same network, one breach could affect them all. With Cisco NGIPS, you can quickly detect, contain, and remediate threats before damage is done.
  • Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
    Cisco NGFW analyzes each individual packet coming into the network, compares them to a database of threats and evaluates the danger level based on the security shortcomings of each individual application and endpoint in the network. These functions are managed by a single, unified, browser-based management platform with the capabilities to seamlessly integrate other Cisco security functions. Learn More
  • Security Manager
    Cisco Security Manager offers centralized management of Cisco security solutions by enabling consistent policy enforcement, rapid troubleshooting of security events and offering summarized reports across the security deployment. Using its centralized interface, organizations can scale efficiently and manage a wide range of Cisco security devices with improved visibility.
  • Stealthwatch
    Stealthwatch is a network visibility and enforcement tool which actively detects internal and external threats by through analyzing network telemetry & flow data from routers switches and firewalls. In doing so, Stealthwatch offers real-time threat detection, incident response and forensics, network segmentation, performance and capacity planning, as well as regulatory compliance.
  • Umbrella
    The Umbrella cloud security platform, provides a range of defensive capabilities to keep your network protected from the bad guys. By utilizing extensive DNS & IP layer enforcement built into the foundation of the Internet, an intelligent proxy and command & control callback blocking, Umbrella can stop threats over all ports and protocols before it reaches its target.
  • VPN Security Clients
    Cisco VPN solutions provide exceptional security through encryption and authentication technologies that protect data in transit from unauthorized access and attacks. A Cisco VPN helps you tailor access rights to individual users, quickly add new sites or users, without significantly expanding your existing infrastructure, improve productivity by extending corporate networks, applications, and collaboration tools and reduce communications costs while increasing flexibility. Deployment options include site-to-site and remote access and can be integrated into various security appliances, routers and switches.
  • Web Security
    Advanced threats can hide in plain sight on legitimate websites or in enticing pop-up ads. Employees or guests may put your organization at risk by clicking where they shouldn’t. Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA), protects you by automatically blocking risky sites and testing unknown sites before allowing users to link to them.
  • iboss Secure Web Gateway
    iboss offers web security through a multitenant cloud architecture with the ability to secure any device anywhere without backhauling data or deploy and maintain cumbersome appliances. With full visibility that goes beyond the web browser to all data channels on each device in your network, iboss can detect threats, anomalies, and command and control callbacks and much more, stopping data transfer midstream and giving you granular control of your devices and security functions.
  • Meraki MV Cloud Managed Security Cameras
    Meraki cameras come with everything needed for a successful deployment in the box. Add cameras to a network before they even arrive, and adjust focus, aperture, and zoom settings or stream, export or share video clips remotely using the Meraki dashboard in a web browser.
  • Meraki MX
    Within a single box, Meraki MX provides a fully integrated security solution that is simple to deploy, easy to manage and incredibly powerful at protecting your organization from the bad guys. Meraki’s multi-layered protection includes: next gen firewall (NGFW), intrusion prevention (IPS), advanced malware protection (AMP), dynamic malware analysis, content filtering and virtual private network (VPN). Like all Meraki solutions, the MX is architected to provide high availability / failover, application visibility / control and centralized management through an intuitive, browser-based dashboard that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Nessus
    Nessus is a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and management solution adopted by millions of users worldwide. Available as both a cloud-hosted or on-premises solution, Nessus quickly and accurately identifies vulnerabilities, configuration issues and malware in physical, virtual and cloud environments and helps you prioritize what you need to fix first..
  • SecurityCenter
    SecurityCenter leverages and consolidates Nessus scan data into an easy to understand management console. Use SecurityCenter to manage and analyze vulnerability data across your organization, prioritize security risks, and obtain a clear view of your security posture. Visualize, measure and assess the effectiveness of your security program with SecurityCenter’s pre-built, highly customizable dashboards and reports and the industry’s only Assurance Report Cards (ARCs).
  • SecurityCenter Continuous View
    SecurityCenter Continuous View (SecurityCenter CV) provides continuous visibility and critical context, enabling decisive action. With advanced analytics, SecurityCenter CV gives you continuous assurance that your security program is working, delivers the continuous visibility and context you need to identify shadow/unknown IT assets, identify weaknesses (e.g. vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and malware), and automate controls from multiple security frameworks and compliance regulations.
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We’re ready to get to work for your team as your trusted IT service provider.

Work with Secure Data

We’re ready to get to work for your team as your trusted IT service provider.

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