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a dynamic executive team…

Our clients choose to do business with us because of our people. We believe in relationships, integrity and making the right business decisions.




Derek Herbison

Derek Herbison




Director of Operations

A State-of-the-Art Physical Environment

all the bells & whistles of a new age tech firm

You will know that Secure Data embraces it’s geekdom and that we love our toys when you first approach our HQ. From our ginormous outdoor sign (full LED & color control via an iPhone), to our expansive, 15,000 sq. ft. building, to the sight of Leo’s visage through the front door, you can feel the difference. Here are some more highlights: UVP Wall (show here), fully stocked kitchen & bar, sit / stand desks, VR station, massage room (free to employees & partners), Innovation Tech Center & more!

We are home to TechFest

the Premiere Technology Showcase in St. Louis

TechFest has grown by about 30% each year, and is our grandest event of the year.

The idea is to bring together the regions top technologists for a full day of innovation, education, networking and fun. Each year we have over 20 presentations from our customers, partners and our own engineers. Additionally, we had some amazing BBQ, live music, hand-rolled cigars and spirits from a local distillery.

The Many Faces of Leo

Our Mascot

Leo the lion is our Mascot, and you will see him throughout our Brand (website, social media, events, collateral). Sometimes he takes the plush form and other times he is live and ferocious. As the king of the jungle, Leo embodies the attributes and energy that we hold sacred: strength, power, aggressiveness, courage, loyalty, community based (pride), collaborative and fierceness.

Giving Back to Operation Food Search

As 2018 came to a close, we wanted to make on final push to give back to our local communities as an exclaimation point to our BUY LOCAL mantra. So, we challenged our teams to donate food and winter clothing Operation Food Search; an organization who distributes more than 35 million dollars worth of food and necessities to 330 community partners in 31 Missouri and Illinois counties and in the city of St. Louis. If you would like to learn more or make a donation to Operation Food Search, click the link below:

Click the photo to read about us on the Cisco Blog!

A Few of our Unique Benefits

Unlimited Timeoff

At Secure Data we believe in work life balance

Massage Room

We have a dedicated massage room in our office staffed with two masseuses

Vacation Club

We have partnered with Hard Rock Hotels for exclusive travel packages for our employees

As a working mom, I have the flexibility to take care of my family and my work. No one says, “Hey, where did you go today”. We all work for each other and our clients. Understanding, compassion…it’s just real, no bullshit.”

Simonne Meszaros

Senior Account Manager

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