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Secure Data Technologies is proud to partner with Western Digital to help you find the perfect Intelliflash data center systems for your memory storage challenges and growing business needs in the St Louis area.  Western Digital IntelliFlash delivers flash and persistent-memory storage solutions for the data centers with a portfolio of all-flash and NVMe-based storage arrays that delivers exceptional performance and economics that are unmatched by other storage vendors.
Western Digital Intelliflash Partner St. Louis

How Our Intelliflash Platform Can Help Your Business

Western Digital Partner St Louis
Western Digital flash storage solution can help your organization consolidate all of your workloads onto a single flash platform. Built on a fast, flexible architecture, Western Digital IntelliFlash Arrays seamlessly support different grades of storage media, intelligently managing the placement of data to maximize performance and capacity.

Deploy an all-flash or hybrid configuration today, then scale up economically by adding disk and flash. You can also replicate between all-flash and hybrid arrays for affordable disaster recovery. Each array supports SAN and NAS protocols, and includes inline data reduction, data protection, and flexible management capabilities, making Western Digital arrays ideal for your entire organization.

Get To Know IntelliFlash Products

Intelliflash All-Flash Storage Arrays

If you have needs for real-time analytics, OLTP, databases and low latency is your biggest need, All-Flash Storage arrays may be your best choice. Western Digital All-Flash Storage Arrays feature high density enterprise flash solid state drives designed to support mission critical applications that require extremely high performance at low latency for extended periods of time.

Intelliflash st louis

Hybrid Storage Arrays

If you have needs for general purpose storage, server virtualization, VDI and you are looking to balance performance, capacity, & cost, a hybrid storage array may be your best choice. Western Digital Hybrid Flash Storage Arrays deliver a perfect balance of data management, performance and economics by providing a flexible amount of high density flash solid state drives and metadata accelerated high density hard disk storage.

Western Digital Storage Partner

IntelliCare Lifetime Storage

IntelliCare Lifetime Storage refreshes the entire array — controllers, HBAs, NICs, enclosures, and all storage media — as part of your maintenance contract. This ensures your storage is always using the best combination of technology throughout the system. And throughout the service life of your array, you’re free to add more capacity, connectivity, new software features, so you are always ahead of the flash technology curve.

IntelliFlash Storage Management

IntelliFlash software architecture is a fast, flexible operating environment, designed to leverage different grades of storage media—hard disk, high-performance flash, high-density flash, etc.—in a single storage array. In doing so, IntelliFlash actively utilizes media optimization, metadata acceleration, data services and management protocols to deliver optimal performance (speed and latency) with the best possible economics

Western Digital Partner st louis

Get More Information About Western Digital Storage Solutions

Intelliflash Partner St. Louis

Introduction to IntelliFlash

Learn how IntelliFlash can make your data come to life.
Western Digital Partner St. Louis

IntelliFlash HD Product Brief

Hyper-consolidate your data center with a high-density all-flash storage system.
Intelliflash Partner St. Louis

IntelliFlash Product Matrix

Get detailed specifications for all of our IntelliFlash configurations.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays

Get the information you need to make the right storage decision.

Forrester Report: Total Economic Impact of IntelliFlash

Forrester examines the potential ROI for IntelliFlash enterprise storage.

NVMe Storage for Dummies

Check out what the experts say about NVMe in this easy-to-ready guide.

TECHNOLOGY BRIEF: Growth, Acceptance, and the Rise of NVMe

Learn how SSDs deliver performance, reliability, cost per I/O, and TCO savings.

WHITEPAPER: A Flash Storage Technical and Economic Primer

This 10-page Whitepaper is educational & forward-looking, take a minute & check it out.

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